Zombie infection system

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Zombie infection system

Post by MarcDonati on Wed Oct 14, 2015 12:46 am

The server contains a zombie infection system in it.
The curse ranges from one to ten. One being the lowest and Ten being the highest.

When a zombie hits you , your character will roll a fortitude save - If your character fails the fortitude save then your character will get a zombie infection token, these tokens can stack up to ten tokens, and when your character receives the tenth token, your character will die and turn into a zombie. Fear not as there are various ways to stop the curse from spreading.

Every time a zombie hits you, it will proc the fortitude save, if you fail it you get a token, but every time you fail the fortitude save from the hits the tokens will stack. Every now and then your character will make a fortitude save while outside, and inside, if you fail the fortitude save outside you will be given the next level of infection, if you pass the fortitude check outside, you will resist the infection for now and not get the next level of token. You can get ways to give tokens or not get them on your fort saves.
A: add more infection tokens
B: give your character to resist the curse and not receive the next level of token

Every token your character receives the fortitude save DC will increase, thus making it harder to resist the infection and giving the opportunity for more tokens to be given.

You can lose the infection tokens in several ways ;
A: There is an item in the game that can cure the curse from any stage bar ten

B: You can go into one of the safe homes inside all towns, and rest to full HP and wait for your character to pass the saves, thus removing the tokens, if you fail the save inside a safe home you will not receive any more tokens


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