Character level system

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Character level system

Post by MarcDonati on Wed Oct 14, 2015 1:19 am

When you creation your character and enter the server you must use your profession chooser widget, after using this tool, you will be given three levels for free and it will boost your character to a starting level of four. There are several ways to gain experience , you can get experience by killing various creatures in the server, and by piecing together different types of equipment , but there is a level limit due to different RP tokens that the character owns, each token gives experience out over time, but you are not allowed to level past the token that you have.

There is a leveling system however. You get experience with killing various creatures in the server, and piecing together certain equipment, but there is a RP token system in place, with four different colours of token, Each token give experience on a time limit as well, the experience given changes with each token. You are not allowed to level past the token limit.

Blue : lets you level to five
Green : Lets you level to nine
Red : Lets you level to twelve
Gold : Lets you level to sixteen ( The level cap of the server )


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